FB-8800 Workbench


The “Safety Logic Workbench” is an integrated project development environment that centralizes and coordinates project engineering, including instrument index, control strategies (process and discrete), process visualization, (operating faceplates), history (alarming and trending), and project management.

It automatically configures the operator interface and historian. Due to the open nature of the system, other components that make use of industry standards such as Modbus, OPC, Ethernet, and HART can be easily integrated.

The Workbench consists of two main sections – the Project Explorer and the Data Entry Panel.

The Project Explorer provides assistance with adding controllers, drawings, tags, modules, etc. Once created and defined, projects are displayed in the Project Explorer with three nodes: Project Tag Index, Project Reports, and Launch Network Configurator.

After creating a project, project tags are defined through the Project Tag Index. A project tag is a name that refers to a channel on a physical I/O card.

As each tag is created, it is saved in a database allowing for subsequent data retrieval through the report manager.

Controllers are then added and configured after which Reports and Statistics can be configured and you can launch I/O Configurator to set up the I/O modules that physical devices, such as transmitters, flame detectors, gas detectors, smoke detectors and valves, are connected. 

The physical hardware is configured and the Project tags that were created earlier are then linked to channels of the I/O modules.

Safety Logic Workbench then allows the creation of the user logic. Process control logic is written using the Strategy Builder and IEC 61131-3 logic is written using the Discrete Control Interface. 

The Discrete Control Interface enables you to download compiled logic to a simulator. Downloading to the simulator allows logic to be checked out before it is downloaded to the controller. 

The Safety Logic Workbench allows for downloads to the controller. Regardless of the download type, both the Strategy Builder and the IEC 61131-3 logic editor support real time viewing so that logic can be viewed with data to assist in troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive development environment allows configuration of all hardware and the creation, testing, download and verification of user programs.
  • Meets rigorous international standards for software including IEC 61131-3 Compliance.
  • Built in simulators allow testing of the user logic without physical hardware, speeding up the development process.
  • Supports open standard such as Modbus, OPC, Ethernet and HART.
  • Reports generated in industry standard SQL database format.
  • Compatible with the FireBus “Helios HMI” software and a wide range of third party HMI offerings.
  • Modest hardware requirements make it ideal for deployment on laptops used in the field.
  • Robust security system to prevent unauthorized changes to the data and programs running in the controller.