Fire Protection and Safety Solutions


We specialize in providing the products and services needed to implement and maintain safety systems in the industrial environment.  

  1. Solutions ranging from standard fire panels to advanced PLC based systems.  

  2. Products ranging from smoke detectors to state of the art flame and gas detectors.

  3. Services that can provide just as much help as you need, from product help and training all the way up to system design and integration.

Browse our site and see what FireBus can do to help you fill your safety needs.

Fire Panel Platforms

FireBus offers two main platforms for building safety systems approved for the following applications:

• Fire Alarm

• Agent releasing (Sprinkler, Deluge, CO2, FM-200, Foam etc.)

• Gas detection; combustible, toxic, etc.

• Emergency shutdown and other safety applications.

Detection & Alarm

FireBus offers a full range of detection & alarms products ranging from conventional and addressable smoke detectors to lights, horns, strobes and manual alarm stations.  All of the typical pieces needed in safety systems of all types.


Engineering Services

The FireBus team members have been involved in Industrial Fire & Gas systems in the Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years. The innovative designs and interfaces of FireBus technologies allow Plant and Corporate project teams to use advanced Safety Controllers and PLCs in Fire & Gas systems.