Flame Detection

The FireBus Model FB-3010X is an imaging based flame detection system which incorporates superior false alarm rejection and live color video imaging direct from a specially designed detection camera.

It is the safest and most advanced flame detector on the market today and its track record on the numerous installations where it is used has proved the system to be robust, even in the harshest of environments.


Each detector operates standalone and incorporates an integrated CCTV system, Digital Signal Processing and sophisticated software algorithms to process the live video image and interpret flame characteristics.

These unique software algorithms are capable of dis- criminating between genuine fire conditions and other radiant sources that may cause conventional detectors to become desensitized or produce false alarms.

Each unit provides local video data and fire alarm/fault signaling to the control equipment. This equipment can provide the operator with full display and alarm handling facilities. Interfaces to the main installation control facili- ties can also be configured to the clients’ requirements.

The surveillance aspect of the detector eliminates the need to dispatch operators to investigate alarms as the live video images are viewed directly in the control room. This reduces the risk of injury to operators and improves response time.

The video images are recorded onboard or remotely al- lowing post incident analysis. Un-manned installations can be remotely monitored allowing suitable action to be taken before personnel access the area, thereby mini- mizing the risk to operators.