FireBus Soft Tools

"Soft Tools" are a series of software based products that add functionality to, or aid in the design of a wide range of industrial safety systems and and come in three categories.  

  1. Engineering tools:  Used to do calculations and deliver results such as SIL calculations or suppression system flow design.  
  2. Programming tools: Used to create, test and deliver configuration and/or application programming to one of the FireBus hardware platforms.  
  3. Visualization tools: Such as Human Machine Interface (HMI) software for creating visual interfaces, control, report generation, and the presentation of dynamic information originating on FireBus or other hardware platforms.

FireBus FB-8800 Workbench

A full featured software development environment for the FireBus "Safety Logic Controller" Model 8851-LC-FB.  

This package includes:  

Safety Logic Workbench, used for the development of discrete logic, such as that used in typical Fire & Gas Systems.

Safety Hybrid Workbench, includes the discrete logic programming capabilities along with the ability to program analog "closed loop" control designs typical in process control systems.

Strategy Analyzer (STAN), used for migrating data into a SIL system from a "non-safe" source.

Helios HMI

Is a “Human Machine Interface” or “HMI” package that provides software mechanisms for gathering information from a variety of control and safety system platforms and then formatting the obtained information in a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

While there are many HMI and GUI packages to choose from HELIOS-HMI was designed specifically for the safety automation market.

It provides a modern comprehensive tool set that combines the power and flexibility of a full featured scripting engine along with the simplicity of a graphical “point & click” configuration environment.

Helios offers multiple concurrent interface options and support for the industries most popular communication protocols along with the ability to share data coming from any connected source with other systems and networks.

It also includes a full featured graphic engine that supports anything from standard displays to HDTV formats, multiple displays, and rich media such as multiple real time video streams along with a robust event/alarm/data tracking engine for keeping track of what's going on regardless of its origin within the system and being able to access this information utilizing modern WAN technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular phones and PDAs.

HELIOS-HMI™ exemplifies the type of flexible full featured and user friendly HMI solution needed for today's more advanced safety system platforms.